dna Dispatch: Using LinkedIn for Executive Positioning

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This compelling piece shares an example of how LinkedIn can be used for executive positioning and suggests how to better use this tool. The piece was originally posted on the blog Reputation xChange, by Leslie Gaines-Ros, Weber Shandwick’s Chief Reputation Strategist. See the piece and a link to the original article below.

Using LinkedIn for Executive Positioning

I met a woman at a LinkedIn conference yesterday who works on content for positioning executives at Marriott and she told me about how they are using LinkedIn to introduce customers to their executives’ conversations. They have a showcase page on LinkedIn called overheard@marriott where they aggregate all the executive blogs and commentary into one place. It also pulls in the blogs by influencers’ CEO Bill Marriott and president Arne Sorenson. Here is how it looks (above). Pretty smart use of LinkedIn to share news and information about the people who make up the ethos of Marriott. The description on the site is “Dispatches From the World of Travel, Join the conversation with Marriott International travelers.” Clever way to share what’s on the minds of Marriott executives and entice the Millennial set who I presume are the target. I ran across two 20 minute films that looked like fun — Two Bellman and French Kiss.  Two Bellman had over five million views. The content is not Marriott-specific but just general interesting content from the world of travel. Here are the guiding principles from Arne Sorenson as to what works today (no hard sell).

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