Using Communications to Build Excitement from the Inside Out

By: Kate Blasco – February 26, 2018

The success of any organization depends on the passion, hard work, creativity and talent of its individuals. And with any team, it’s important to celebrate accomplishments to maintain the momentum and energy of success. Here’s where internal communications can help to create excitement and a feeling of accomplishment.

Internal communications can be as simple as staff meetings, emails or newsletters, or they can be more comprehensive, such as setting up an intranet site equipped with social feeds. No matter how the internal news is shared, these updates provide an opportunity to connect and inspire through the work and ideas of others.

Actively engaging and sharing news with team members on achievements and the background and purpose behind their work helps fuel excitement and ultimately impact a company’s motivation.1 When developing an internal communications strategy, it’s important to recognize the unique needs of each team. Involving staff members in the planning process can help ensure a program is appropriately tailored and ultimately successful. Building a team that communicates openly and confidently shares ideas will benefit each individual as well as the company as a whole.

Many companies invest significant time in the planning and execution of external communications projects, but a company’s internal communications strategy is also important. Here are a few reasons why:

Major accomplishments lift team spirit

Everyone enjoys hearing great news about new business wins, campaign awards or simply a job well done. It shows how hard work and the occasional late night pay off. Knowing that the company is succeeding can have a positive impact on every team member.

Tough times call for a support system

While everyone loves celebrating successes, there are times when communicating challenges may also be a valuable and positive learning opportunity. Providing transparent business updates to team members can help foster an environment in which team members feel comfortable openly discussing solutions. Overcoming obstacles is easier when more minds brainstorm together.

Being trendy is contagious

Trends, best practices and culture are constantly changing in any industry. For modern communications specialists, this evolution is evident as digital media continues to influence how we learn about current events and interact with the world around us. Providing a company- or team-focused forum for sharing industry updates, trends and innovations is a great way to keep team members inspired and up to date.

Building connections

Networking provides an opportunity for team members to collaborate and consider new perspectives and ignites creativity among colleagues from different disciplines. A mentorship program is a perfect way to foster new partnerships, allowing peers to learn from the experiences of others. An informal think-tank is another strategy that can ultimately strengthen an entire organization.


We all have unique skill sets. Presenting cases studies and offering trainings allow colleagues to build skills, identify new talents and recognize subject-matter experts within the organization. Finding a mentor who has a particular expertise can spark personal and team growth.


1 Harvard Business Review. Motivating Employees is Not about Carrot Sticks. Available at Accessed February 2019.