Tough Times Call for Clear Communication

As the world continues to receive everchanging information around emerging COVID-19 variants, booster shots and restriction reinstatements, we are seeing how important it is to be agile and swift in order to communicate complex information to respective audiences. If the message is unclear, the outcomes can be detrimental, as we are seeing today.

If you are navigating a complex topic, consider the following three points when developing a communications strategy that will meet the needs of your audience:


When it comes to communicating something as universal and personal as health, consider who is on the receiving end of your message and alter the language to match your audience. Consider:

– Their level of knowledge on the subject
– Their professional and/or familial roles in society
– Potential barriers your messaging needs to overcome for this particular audience
– Their preferred method of receiving information


Recognize that information and opinions are bound to change. Listen to your audience and act quickly by:

– Preparing to shift messages as new information is available
– Ensuring you update your messages in a timely manner
– Checking that communication is consistent across all channels


Incorporating third-party expert facts and opinion can aid in mobilizing your message and soliciting trust from your audience.

– Know where your audience consumes information
– Understand who and what they deem credible
– Recognize what is well-received from the brand vs. what needs an outside voice

TELL US: How are you communicating tough topics as a brand?