To Our 2022 Interns: Welcome to the Agency!

This summer, Caroline Grunwald (Client Experience Intern), McKayla Prestininzi (Digital Intern) and Melanie Markowitz (Media Relations Intern) joined us for the dna internship program. To showcase our new teammates, we asked questions regarding what led them to dna, navigating the agency dynamic and what their hopes are for their communications pursuit.

Many dna employees come from diverse experiences. How has your background led you here?

“I studied biology at Elon University with a concentration in allied health studies. My career background covers a variety of healthcare positions, from working as an EMT to a pharmacy technician. Through this variety, I recognized my appreciation for medical communications and sharing knowledge to diverse populations. In every role I held, my passion for being the liaison between science and our community became more apparent. With that, I explored the field of healthcare communications, and ventured to dna.” – McKayla Prestininzi

Communications has many avenues, why healthcare? Did you expect to enter this field?

“Not at all. My experiences within healthcare have been relatively exclusive to the clinical side, but for me, something was missing. While I was proud to assist in medical pipelines, I strived to position myself to really see the community impact. I never expected communications to be the position that allowed me to see science come to life. I’m so grateful to have found a position that allows me to combine my strengths and passions.” – Caroline Grunwald

“I primarily gravitated towards healthcare as my dad is a doctor, and medical terminology is something I’m fairly familiar with. I felt, pairing my initial exploration of media and communications with health concepts I can digest, might be an interesting angle. Equally, I was inspired to discover how great of an impact our messages have in reaching patients, families, HCPs and the greater community.” – Melanie Markowitz

As a first timer, how do you feel about the agency dynamic?

“I think there’s a unique sense of culture and diversity within this environment. I see how varied perspectives lead to the best results in terms of understanding your audience and growing as an effective team. I believe diverse viewpoints create opportunity to view the full picture and achieve sustainable relations.” – Caroline Grunwald

“There’s a great sense of encouraged diversity within this workspace. I’ve recognized how different thoughts come together to fill gaps and questions, which is important to encompass when speaking to diverse populations. Encouraging all perspectives is the key to success, and I hope to continue seeing thriving diversity in years to come.” – McKayla Prestininzi

What are your hopes for entering a communications career? Either short- or long-term?

“Entering this environment, I hope to expand my awareness of the media, and understand the fundamentals in developing public messages and fostering trust. I feel these skills are important for a successful career, while also benefiting daily life outside of work. To best cater to others and achieve mutual goals, you should be aware of current events in the world, and how they affect different communities. I hope strengthening my awareness can lead to effective problem solving, relationship building, and importantly, validating the voices and opinions of others.” – Melanie Markowitz