The Rise of the Digitally-Native HCP

Social media has given rise to a new age of the health care professional “celebrity.” Being a household name as an HCP was once reserved for a select few, but thanks to social media, it is now possible for the masses, offering a deeper level of access to the healthcare industry. HCP influencers have created mainstream health trends. For example, #dermtok has more than 9.9 million hashtag views on TikTok, giving a rise to a category of “skinfluencers” who use the platform to debunk common skincare myths. As digital-native HCPs gain loyal followings, there is an opportunity to partner with them to resonate and reach new audiences.

As you plan to engage with these healthcare influencers, consider these points.


A successful influential HCP is engaging, entertaining and in-touch with the culture of the platform, all without sacrificing ethical behavior. Before engaging in any partnership, brands must ensure the HCP has the appropriate credentials and are subject matter experts. When vetting an HCP for a digital partnership, look out for:
Past brand engagement: Is the HCP excessively plugging in product placements or are they selective and authentic to their expertise?
Value trust over reach: Do their credentials outweigh a possibly smaller reach than other, less-credible influencers?
Subject matter experts: Are they an expert in the particular area your brand is focusing on?


Digitally-native HCPs have the ability to bring users together to create a community. It is important to confirm they not only share content in a one-way manner, but that they actively engage with their following.
– Conversation sentiment: Is there positive proactive and reactive engagement between the HCPs and their followers?
– Monitoring of comments: How does the HCP regulate and monitor conversation on their content?
– Relevance to your audience: Does the HCP have high engagement on the platforms your audience regularly engages with?


Remember, digitally-native HCPs reached popularity by becoming their own brand and establishing a unique voice. While your partnership should achieve your brand’s objective, it’s critical to allow the HCP to be true to the content their audience knows and loves.
– Remain genuine: Will audiences be receptive to the content or will they view it as dishonest product placement?
– Encourage creative control: After sharing specific guidelines for your brand, how can you work with the HCP to have creative freedom? Consider encouraging them to craft their own copy or script.
– Ensure its on-brand: Does the content remaining true to your brand’s voice, values and goals?

TELL US: Who are your favorite digitally-native HCP influencers and what do you enjoy about their content?