The Clock is Tik-ing

Keeping up with social media trends often requires a keen sense of judgement. Brands are sure to find themselves asking whether up-and-coming innovations are fads or the new standard more often than not, and TikTok has been no exception. While there might be debate over the platform’s longevity, there’s no denying it may hold the key to elevating one’s online presence here and now.

What is TikTok?

While initial intentions were to create an academic app, founded in 2016 and formerly known as, TikTok is now a platform used to share short-form videos ranging from fifteen seconds to three minutes. This content can depict dance trends, educational information, and everything in between. Its algorithm favors relatable and therefore, shareable content, prompting brands and independent creators to make use of popular sounds relating to their niche.

Who’s on the platform?

Most of TikTok’s users range from ages 16 to 34, with 80% of that demographic on the platform. Despite this, parent’s curiosity and an increase of videos like home improvement how-to’s have brought older audiences to the app as well. Still, most viewers are a part of Generation Z, the generation rife with digital trailblazers and shrewd consumers, so content tends to be catered towards them. Since they value authenticity and relatability, content that demystifies difficult concepts or tells real, human stories gains a lot of traction.

Why is it the new standard?

With over 3 billion downloads across the globe and 1 billion annual users as of September 2021, it’s safe to say TikTok has reach. Similar to the podcast industry’s recent exponential growth with brands covering topics from pharmacologics to fashion, ensuring your brand’s voice is heard is now a no-brainer. Plus, on TikTok, once you find your niche and stick to it, the followers might just come naturally. In other words, brands that have less to do with catchy music and kitschy products still stand a chance. For example, HCPs amass followings by leveraging the platform to educate their audience and humanize the profession. They debunk commonly held myths and offer tidbits of ‘unknown,’ valuable information ranging from how to advocate for yourself in the doctor’s office, to expert insight on health trends that aren’t worth the hype. And, with wellness brands’ partnerships with big influencers like TikTok star Charli D’amelio’s #DistanceDance with P&G to promote social distancing, there’s room for creative content in all forms. With ads camouflaged in a user’s feed, brands can easily make their way to desired consumers.

As the app continues to grow and quick, digestible forms of content are on the rise, brands joining and using TikTok is becoming a matter of when–not if.

So, what are you waiting for? The clock is tik-ing.

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