Reddit for Your r/Brand

The majority of people who have searched for advice on the internet have landed in the wild west of what we like to call, Reddit. With thousands of active communities and millions of subreddits, the platform is a digital oasis for those trying to connect with others on a certain topic. From a brand perspective, Reddit was mostly used for company executive’s “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) threads but we are now seeing that we can take advantage of other methods of engagement within the platform.

Since being launched in 2005, the platform has expanded by providing new developments to help brands better manage and target their messaging on the platform, while also making efforts to create a safer place for users.

Maybe Reddit isn’t the first place you think of when planning avenues of visibility and engagement, but here are a few reasons why you may want to consider incorporating Reddit into your brand’s communications plan and leverage the power that comes with this platform.


The communities on Reddit are very passionate, and as you may have heard, that passion has even influenced the U.S. stock market. Here you can find pre-segmented audiences where you can leverage conversations around discussions to help your brand’s communications efforts. Reddit can even be used as a tool to develop personas for your target audience. It can help you understand upcoming trends and unique perspectives in a way that other platforms can’t.


At the end of the day, Reddit is a discussion forum. You can further explore a topic more than you would in a normal setting since your audience on Reddit is looking to take a deep dive into information as opposed to skimming the surface of the topic on other platforms. This provides brands an opportunity to narrow in on a niche audience, giving your brand a chance to gain valuable visibility on your content and message. This year, Reddit has also announced the launching of their very own in-house creative agency, providing assistance for brands looking to use Reddit for promotional activities.


Reddit has been changing their approach to their moderation practices. They were once a platform solely focused on self-moderation but now they are intercepting and making judgement calls when things go too far and when misinformation is spreading. Most recently, they banned an anti-vaccine and anti-mask subreddit while quarantining subreddits actively denying COVID-19. As far as growing their capabilities, Reddit is planning to expand past written discussions to include short-form video making, similar to the format of TikTok, as well audio chatrooms that will be similar to Clubhouse.

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