Putting a Spotlight on Health Equity


In the United States, the pandemic and recent social issues have brought increased attention to equity in healthcare, or lack thereof. Many health brands have realized the potential they have to make a real change to ensure health equity, the right to equal health access and care for all. If your brand is considering taking action, how do you ensure that you are effectively communicating your goals and desired plan?

We put together a few thoughts to keep in mind as you explore your brand’s role in health equity, how to authentically speak about it and the importance of communicating your impact. 

Start inside your organization

If your company is going to launch a health equity campaign, make sure you are set up internally first. If a topic is important to your company, employees and consumers, make it ingrained into your organization’s missions and actions, before you speak about it or share publicly.   

Know your limitations & empower others 

Collaboration is critical when it comes to health equity. Rarely does a brand  have the authenticity to speak to or address a topic alone, so it’s important to collaborate with partners who are entrenched and living in that topic. Doing your research and listening to partners outside your organization, and knowing where you’re able to best serve the community makes you a better ally in finding equity for all.

Communicate the impact 

Prove your dedication by showing real impact. Set measurable goals, ensure you meet them and provide transparency along the way – the process can be just as important as the end result and helps the wider community learn from your efforts. It is important to frequently evaluate your initiative’s benchmarks and how it is progressing over time. Then, share the actionable changes you will execute as a result of your efforts.

Tell us: 


These are only a few (of many) ideas but tell us, will your brand be putting a spotlight on health equity and making a commitment to support change? If so, what are some ways you are taking action?