Public and Private Sector Driving Digital Health Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has set digital health practices into overdrive, causing a high demand in new technology, processes and integration. Telehealth, patient portals, EMR systems, prescription apps/websites, etc., are being developed at a rapid pace, with efficiency, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

With the public and private sector focusing on the same goal, revolutionizing and developing critical digital health solutions, we are witnessing a race to success that we’ve never seen before across industries.

Right now, the U.S. Government and Amazon Web Services are taking the lead to drive change in the digital healthcare space, here is what they’ve been up to:


The U.S. government recognizes the role of digital health, with entities such as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Digital Health Center of Excellence (DHCoE) enforcing their commitment for advancing and enhancing digital health solutions. The DHCoE is also designed to empower digital health stakeholders to advance healthcare and digital health innovations.

Recently the government announced they will be starting a new public health informatics and technology development program. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) allocated $80 million to create the Public Health Informatics & Technology Workforce Development Program (PHIT Workforce Program) to help strengthen U.S. public health informatics and data science, while also looking to serve patients, HCP’s, researchers, investors, and other government funded agencies.


Amazon Web Services, (AWS), one of the leading players in cloud computing services, is plunging further into healthcare by developing a program for startups in the space. Recently, the AWS Healthcare Accelerator program was launched to include a four-week technical, business, and mentorship accelerator opportunity for U.S. healthcare startups and/or international healthcare startups that have existing U.S. operations.

The goal of the AWS Healthcare Accelerator is to promote startup solutions for the improvement of the patient experience, clinician experience, and health outcomes, all while lowering the cost of care. AWS will support public sector healthcare enterprises through seeking out data-driven healthcare solutions in order to reach an accelerated digital health transformation.

Recently, Amazon’s medical service, Amazon Care, has been approaching big health insurers to become a covered benefit, confirming their interest in becoming a key market player in the healthcare industry. They are definitely one to watch in the evolution of digital healthcare solutions.

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