Health in the “Age of Now”

By Jeannine Rowan, Senior Vice President — May 10, 2016

With the explosion of technology in the past two decades, we demand instant connectivity. The proliferation of the internet and mobile devices allows us to access answers, buy products and book services any time, any place. As the pace of life continues to accelerate thanks to rapid innovation, today’s brands are looking to be more “on demand.”

The “now” trend is also beginning to influence how people access healthcare. Today, startups are bringing the on-demand phenomenon to healthcare by providing app-powered healthcare services.  Companies such as Teladoc, First Opinion, Pager and Medicast allow consumers immediate access to healthcare professionals and their opinions. The days of waiting a month for an appointment and traveling across town may soon be obsolete.

Clearly, many of our healthcare clients have limitations to being “on demand,” by virtue of the products they sell and the complexity of the industry. But I would argue that our healthcare clients can still adopt the essence of what it means to be “on demand.”

Simply put, being an “on-demand” brand means providing consumers efficient solutions that simplify daily life.

Today, people support companies that provide value beyond their products. Consumers want services that help them solve problems and overcome frustrations. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception; according a survey of 2,000 patients by Accenture, 76 percent think pharma companies “have a responsibility” to provide complementary information and services around the products they sell.

Our industry is well-positioned to help clients develop communications strategies that help patients and healthcare professionals along their journey. Developing campaigns and telling authentic stories grounded in a deep understanding of their audience’s “pain points” will help our clients better connect with their stakeholders in the “age of now.”