Five fast takeaways from SXSW 2021

A virtual event did not stop SXSW from bringing together industry leaders for thought-provoking conversations about technology, politics, health, marketing and more. We’re sharing our top observations and key takeaways that have implications for the future of the healthcare industry.

Health equity and racial justice headlined the conversations, proving it is integral for the healthcare industry to push for equal access.

Companies will need to provide virtual access beyond the pandemic.

The industry must continue to adapt to this evolving user behavior and connect to patients through technology.

Think big and outside of tradition.

Many audiences are consuming content on non-traditional channels. Don’t be afraid to be an early mover and activate on unlikely platforms, like Twitch or TikTok, if research shows your audience is there.

Personalized storytelling can help close the health-trust gap.

The human brain is wired to relate to other people, one-on-one. Sharing personal stories can help the science and medical community connect with their desired audience on a deeper level, ultimately aiding in minimizing the health-trust gap that may exist.

Science communication needs emotional intelligence.

Many science explanations can feel clinical, unapproachable or complex. Communicators play an important role in weaving in nuances, cultural references and emotional connections to make science engaging.